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Ned's Bible Trivia
REVIEW: Ned's Bible Trivia
Category: Games | Review Added: November 10, 2011
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The new Bible Trivia app available from Ned's Apps is one that shouldn't be missed. With over 1,000 hand picked trivia questions separated into nine different categories, three different modes of play, wonderfully fun graphics and plenty of options to help customize your experience, this should be the only Bible Trivia app you need. And best of all, it's available for under a buck!

You start by choosing 1 or 2 player and then your able to toggle the various categories that the questions will be selected from, with your choice of Who Said?, Beginner, Biblical People, Books of the Bible, Challenging, Fun Facts, Jesus, New Testament and Old Testament. This is a great feature allowing you to customize your questions in any combination you want.

In the single player campaign, you get 40 questions to achieve the highest level of success for Ned by answering questions correctly. Correct answers achieves more for Ned in his spiritual walk like attending seminary school and becoming a pastor. If you answer questions wrong, bad things happen, for example, Ned falls into temptation and becomes greedy.

In the 2-player mode, each player is asked 10 questions and the person with the higher score wins.

If you get stuck, the game offers three different hints: Call Mama which gives you her choice, and Call Nina or Jed which narrows the field to two choices instead of one.

At the end of the game, you can post bragging rights to your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

Overall, this is a great app for the value. While there's no repetition in the actual questions, thanks to the 1,000+ questions included, there is a little bit in the achievements, especially when you answer questions incorrectly. The presence of ads at the bottom of a paid app may also be frustrating for some. But these are minor distractions on what is overall a great way to test your knowledge of the Bible, a source rich of knowledge we all need more of. —Kevin McNeese

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