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Bible Audio Pronounciations
REVIEW: Bible Audio Pronunciations
Category: Reference | Review Added: June 23, 2011
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I can't count the number of times I've stumbled on the pronunciations of different names in the Bible. And as a worship leader, I make sure that when reading passages during the service, I skip those verses that I know will display my full ignorance in front of everyone. So when coming across Bible Audio Pronunciations for the iPhone, I was instantly intrigued by the idea and as soon as I played the first name in the list and heard a crisp, clear pronunciation of the name, I was hooked.

It's apps like this that continue to make my iPhone an incredible resource that assists in Biblical study.

The app is fairly simple in design, and therefore incredibly easy to use. You can scroll through an alpha list of over 1,000 challenging words, names and places. Clicking on the word will allow you to hit a play button to listen to an audio pronunciation as well as get more information from Google or Wikipedia. You can also search for words and names.

The app is a fantastic learning tool, reference for personal study and would also be a lot of fun with friends to see who can pronounce words the best. I can see a youth group making a great game out of this, finding the most difficult words and names in the BIble and then using that as a launching point to study and discover scripture.

There is a free "Lite" version of the app that gives you access to 100 words. The full version is not an in-app purchase, but a separate download and for just $.99, gives you access to the full 1,000+ word library. A bargain considering the massive amount of work and research that had to go into this app.

For what this app does, I can't rate it any lower than 5-stars! —Kevin McNeese

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